Watch Out, Watch Out! There’s a persistent bad payer about…

Knowledge & Experience

Having worked in debt management and credit control for over 25 years RCC Ltd have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to managing slow and non-payers. We adopt a realistic but sympathetic approach with debtors, getting them on side and acting as mediators when necessary to ensure a positive result all-round.

We also know when the time is right to pursue a more rigorous approach and refer to a debt collection agency instead. It’s not been unknown for a debtor to come back to us for assistance with their own credit control…..

Be Taken Seriously

A consistent approach to credit control will show your clients, suppliers, investors and staff that you take managing your business seriously.

Proper due-diligence, credit checks and initial prudent payment terms are good starting points.

A timely letter or phone call chasing an overdue debt gives a clear message and leaves the debtor in no doubt that non-payment will be fully pursued.

We take your credit control seriously – so should you!


We work as a single united team with any sized company – our brand is consistent in giving our clients the highest quality advice possible.